4 Reasons Why Sleep is Important for Fitness

Sleep is Important for Fitness

As a father of 2 young kids, I can admit I do not get enough sleep.

So, why is sleep important for fitness? Sleep is important for fitness because workouts take great focus and energy. And sleep helps you stay focused, encourages metabolism, boosts your immune system, and allows your body to better handle the stress of exercise. Sleep needs to be a part of our lives to maintain a healthy well being. As hard as you’ll be pushing your body during fitness routines it will definitely need extra sleep to function properly.

I personally need to apply some of this advice to my own life. Sleep and our modern-day culture don’t really seem to get along. Our culture has become so consumed with getting things done that the importance of sleep is easily forgotten.

Sleep and Fitness are BFFs

Would it surprise you at all to know that 30% of all Americans are sleep deprived? It’s a common problem that our society needs to address.

Sleep is also one of the most neglected portions of fitness. We all have our diet plans and fitness routines but having a sleep plan is also important.

Getting enough sleep will be key to kicking off your fitness journey. Feeling rested can empower you to conquer the world.

To maintain a fitness plan takes great focus. Sleep helps you stay focused as you get ripped.

A lot of us try to work out in the morning but we often lack the motivation to get up. When you’re well rested you’ll jump out of bed and get to work!

To obtain that dream physique you need sleep. The more you strain your muscles and body the more sleep you need.

That toned look isn’t actually built at the gym…it’s at home after you’re done working out. This is how cool our bodies are!

As you rest at night and your body aches from the hard workout that’s when your body is hard at work burning fat. It’s actually been discovered that not getting enough sleep can have a negative effect on muscle growth.

You’ll be depriving your body of the necessary time it needs to recover.

Without getting too technical your body releases a growth hormone in the bloodstream as you rest; building muscle.

No sleep = no muscle growth; which means no fat burning.

To achieve a complete workout; you need sleep to stay motivated and to build muscle.


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Midnight Cravings are a Real Thing

Did you know not getting enough sleep could cause all your dieting efforts to be wasted?

All your Whole 30 and KETO work could be pointless without proper sleep.

Your body isn’t processing food the proper way when it doesn’t get the necessary sleep it needs.

Our bodies metabolism needs rest to burn fat. By neglecting sleep our fat cells can’t do their job. Fat cells remove unnecessary fatty acids and lipids from our bloodstream.

If your metabolism isn’t doing its job than nothing is getting accomplished. Please do your body a favor by getting sleep!

In addition to keeping your metabolism off; not getting enough sleep will lead to more food cravings. The longer you stay awake the more you’ll be drawn to eat.

Midnight cravings are a real thing! You’ll end up overeating or not being able to burn the calories you consume.

The later in the night it gets the more difficult it will be to eat healthy. Our ability to choose the right food slowly decreases.

There’s only so much dieting can do without sleep.


7 New Tricks to Banish Your Late-Night Cravings for Good by MensHealth.com

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That Sluggish Feeling is a Lack of Sleep, Not Food

I know what you’re thinking, “I just drink coffee or have some caffeine to get through the day.” Our bodies aren’t designed to function this way.

There’s a widespread belief that the afternoon sluggish feeling we all get is because of a lack of food or coffee.

That feeling isn’t caused by a lack of food but a lack of sleep. Your body is trying it’s hardest to compensate for poor sleep training.

Caffeine only adds more stress and strain to your body. Which is counterproductive to all your fitness goals.

I promise you’ll be encouraged to see the amount of energy you have during the day simply by monitoring your sleep.

Lack of sleep can also negatively affect your immune system.

No one enjoys being sick! Sleep is a secret weapon to fight off that nasty cold or bug. During cold season it’s more important than ever to maintain a proper sleep regime.


Limit Late Night Workouts

After a good workout, you should have no problem falling asleep. However, sometimes good workouts are not enough. And you’ll still struggle to close your eyes and get the rest you’re desiring.

Try a few of the tricks listed below and see if they calm you down at night.

#1 Limit your amount of stress and physical activity right before bed.

If you begin working on things late in the day that causes you to stress you’ll never be able to shut down your mind. Your head will be buzzing with thoughts dedicated to that stress.

Lifting weights or running before bed will be counterproductive to getting rest. These types of activities will only stimulate your mind and body.

Instead, try doing yoga before bed. Yoga has been shown to have incredible effects on sleep. It calms your mind and body.

#2 You can’t bank sleep by oversleeping.

It’s time to bust a myth! When feeling extra tired it will be tempting to oversleep and try to “catch up on sleep”.

I’ve got bad news for you…there’s no such thing as banking sleep and catching up.

This isn’t how your body functions. It’s more interested in finding a consistent sleep routine.

Try getting 8 hours of sleep every night. Oversleeping will only cause yourself more harm.

Consistency is key to preparing your body for sleep.

Make sure the sleep environment fits your needs. Whether it’s having your favorite pillow, adjusting the temperature, or having a completely dark room.

Find what works best for you and stick to the routine. It’s important to have a perfect environment.

Heads up, the older you get the more you’ll fall in love with sleep!

We all learn to appreciate things we don’t get as much; including sleep.

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