Workout Motivation that will Make You Unstoppable

Workout Motivation

In life and fitness sometimes your greatest enemy is yourself. And finding workout motivation for fitness is hard. We all want to be envied by our friends for our fit and toned physique. The problem comes in actually achieving this goal.

How do you stay motivated at the gym? Not letting yourself get sidetracked and lose the motivation that originally got you in the gym. To counterbalance these negative thoughts try setting goals, making it fun, and exercising with a friend. Hopefully, by putting some simple steps into action, you’ll achieve all your goals.

Goals are Key

The current fitness recommendation for adults is 20 minutes of exercise a day. That doesn’t sound like much but for a lot of people, this is a daunting task.

To achieve this and even beat it try making fitness goals to track your progress. Knowing where you started and being able to see the results is an incredible motivator. Otherwise, you might end up frustrated because you aren’t properly tracking how you’ve improved.

Start by setting small and simple goals. Setting these smaller goals is great because you’ll feel accomplished when you begin to crush them. If your goal is to run a marathon that’s great but you might not be able to do that right away.

It can be helpful to have small successes as you build your way up to a marathon. Make your first goal to run a 5k.

Be realistic with yourself about your goals. Don’t set yourself up for failure by setting a goal that might not be obtainable with your current life. Layout short, medium, and long term goals.

Follow these 5 simple workout motivation tips for fitness and goals:

  1. Set goals – Be as specific as possible with your goals. That way it’s very clear exactly what you’re trying to accomplish.
  2. Use a timetable – Attach a timetable to your goals. Having that extra pressure to hit a deadline can give you the push you needed.
  3. Write your goals down on paper – Seeing them written out will help imprint them in your mind.
  4. Keep track – Track all your progress as you build to that end goal.
  5. Get going – Most importantly stop delaying the start of your goals. Set and achieve your goals today!

Live as if there’s no tomorrow.

Go sign up for your gym membership now, set your goals, and get started today.


“You’re Awesome”

Ok…I know this sounds really corny and might be difficult for some.

Personal encouragement has actually been shown to have amazing results. It can be crucial to helping you achieve those goals. In today’s world having negative self-worth is very common.

Between the constant bombardment of social media and content, we can quickly become very self-defeated. It’s vital you don’t let this happen!

Remember you’re awesome and know that you will achieve all the fitness goals you set for yourself.

A helpful way to break this trend is to stop working out for a better physical appearance. Yes, we all want that chiseled physique but at the end of the day, we are all getting in shape for different reasons.

Maybe you’re working out for your family, your overall health, or to be happier. Focus on these goals and not getting a 6 pack.

Focusing on things that matter makes working out less of a superficial activity and you won’t be so drawn to compare your physique to someone else’s.

Try eliminating all negative words from your vocabulary. Don’t let words like ‘I can’t’ enter into your brain. Stay positive and believe in your own strength.

Negative thoughts can lead to a very negative place. Being there can be counterproductive to helping you achieve your goals.

Ok, I know this sounds weird, but the next time you need internal motivation, talk to yourself in the second person.

It’s been shown that inspiring yourself in the second person can lead to better results.

Guy Winch, Ph.D wrote an article for Pshycology Today discussing Why You Should Start Talking to Yourself

Lastly, when you need to finish that last mile or squat try recalling your own previous successes.

By relying on your own awesomeness you will find the strength to knock out that last set.

Stop relying on others for workout motivation when your previous successes are inspiration enough.

Find a Friend

No one said you need to accomplish all these goals alone! Partnering up with your friends, family, and co-workers can provide you with the motivation you’ve always needed.

It’s amazing to see what you can accomplish when you work together. Begin by finding someone with similar goals and aspirations. Someone that knows your struggles.

Having an accountability partner will make sure you’re at the gym and eating the right food.

You’ll be less likely to miss the gym in the morning if your friend is there waiting.

Don’t choose a friend who will let you get away with not following through on your goals. You’ll need someone who pushes you a little. Plus when you do it with a friend it just becomes more fun!

Find different classes to take together or make exercising a competition. Take boxing, yoga, or a ‘beer and burpees’ class to keep your fitness fun.

By turning exercise into a competition you’ll find yourself actually working harder. No one wants to lose!

Setting bets with your friends can also be a powerful tool. The loser has to buy the next round of post-workout smoothies. Having bets will actually benefit you twice. You’ll be motivated to work harder and you just might win.

Nothing bonds people closer than blood, sweat, and tears.


Be Flexible and Keep it Fun

Life is crazy…enough said. Between work, family, friends, and all your activities there’s always something going on.

With life being so hectic it can be daunting to jump into a workout routine. This is why it’s very important to remain flexible.

Don’t hold yourself to an unobtainable schedule that makes it difficult for you to accomplish your goals. Try to remain as consistent as possible but know there will be lapses.

Don’t beat yourself up because you missed one workout. No one wants to do things that aren’t fun. We all want to have fun and exercising is no different.

There are a variety of ways that you can make your fitness fun. This will also keep your routines fresh. Don’t think of your workout as a waste of time.

Try listening to an audiobook or podcast next time you go to the gym. This way you can accomplish multiple things at one time. If audiobooks aren’t your thing then blast your tunes!

Having fun and upbeat music can be a great motivator. You’ll notice an extra skip in your step when your favorite song comes on. It’s actually recommended that you play songs with 125-140 beats per minute. The faster the beat the more you’ll move.

We can all agree that typical gym music can be lame. It can actually be counterproductive to your routine. Put your headphones in and make your playlist personalized.

Don’t choose exercise routines you hate! If you build an entire routine around exercises you hate you’ll quickly lose motivation. It’ll become harder and harder to get to the gym.

That doesn’t mean you only focus on exercises that are easy for you. You need to push yourself but you can find exercises to keep it fun.

In my opinion, the best way to keep yourself motivated at the gym is with rewards. Anytime you’ve accomplished a goal get yourself a happy.

Figure out what sort of rewards keep you motivated and build your goals around them.

Staying motivated and having fun with your routine will turn your exercise into a lifelong commitment.

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