The 4 Coldest Races in The World Will Blow Your Mind

Coldest Races in the World

So you think you’re an extreme athlete…but are you crazy enough to attempt these races?

What are the coldest races in the world? The coldest races in the world include The North Pole Marathon, Antarctic Ice Marathon, The Hypothermic Half Marathon, and The 6633 Ultra. It’s incredible to see the locations of these races and the athletes that compete. It might help you get through this article by grabbing a cup of coffee and a warm blanket.

#1 North Pole Marathon

If you have a desire to run with Santa Clause than this is the race for you.

The North Pole Marathon has become an annual tradition for some of the craziest athletes in the world.

It’s typically held in April and the average cost to participate is $18,000 (Including helicopter flights, lodging, and a t-shirt).

The temperatures can range from -4F to -40F but if there is a strong wind it can drop as low as -76F.

» For more information visit FWD North Pole Marathon.


#2 Antarctic Ice Marathon

The southernmost part of the world couldn’t be left out of all the fun.

They hold half and full marathons in December.

For a lot of people, the end goal of finishing this race is to officially join the 7 Continents Marathon Club. Meaning that they’re run a marathon on every continent.

Normally the temperature is around -4F and the average cost to participate is $17,900.

» For more information visit Antarctic Ice Marathon.

#3 The 6633 Ultra

Instead of just being another race in the cold; the 6633 Ultra is regarded as one of the toughest races in the world.

Not only do participants have to endure possible temperatures at -108F but you have to do it while carrying camping supplies. It’s a non-stop self-sufficient race; meaning you run and carry all your necessary supplies behind you on a sled.

The race is held in March and spans from Yukon, Canada to the Arctic Ocean in Tuktoyatuk.

It’s much further than a typical marathon. Participants can sign up for either the 120 or 350-mile run.

» For more information visit 6633 Arctic Ultra.


#4 The Hypothermic Half Marathon

If getting to either the most northern or southern parts of the world isn’t your thing try this half marathon in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Don’t start thinking that you’ll be any warmer though! The record cold during the race was -52.6F.

There’s no exact date for the race; it’s typically held between January and March.

» For more information check out Hypothermic Half Marathon.


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