Fix These 5 Mistakes to get the Most from Your Dumbbells

Dumbbell Mistakes

Not everyone has access to fitness trainers and friends to help us when we have questions at the gym.

What are some common dumbbell lifting mistakes? The top mistakes include not warming up, rushing through the reps, letting gravity do all the work, breathing wrong, and dropping the weights. Without proper guidance, we’re all capable of making mistakes while lifting dumbbells. Weight machines don’t allow for many mistakes but free weights can be done very incorrectly. If your making any of these mistakes don’t worry! Any of these can be quickly fixed.

Mistake 1: You Don’t Warm Up

Doing a quick warm-up is needed no matter what exercises you’re doing.

Giving your muscles a few minutes to wake up and activate will greatly enhance your workout.

Some of the most common ways to warm up are cardio or simple stretches.

These will get your blood following and reduce your risk or injury.

Mistake 2: You Rush Your Reps

You’ll rob yourself of a great workout by rushing through a routine.

Lifting weights is a marathon, not a sprint. No one cares how quickly you can curl those dumbbells.

Your muscles need adequate time to stretch and strain. This is how muscle is built.

Doing your reps as quickly as possible can also negatively affect your form, and having poor form can lead to injury.


Mistake 3: Letting Gravity Do the Work

Speaking of bad form…don’t cheat yourself by letting gravity do the heavy lifting.

By letting momentum carry the weight down you’re using less muscle.

If you don’t hold your form and swing the dumbbell (up or down) with your body you’ll never see any results.
Plus, you’ll end up looking a little goofy.

Mistake 4: Breathing Wrong

Yes, there is a way to breathe wrong. Especially when we’re talking about lifting weights.

Please never stop breathing!

When lifting especially heavyweights many people stop breathing as they strain. This can lead to a variety of issues and injuries.

Breath constantly and try to have the right breathing pattern when lifting dumbbells.

For example, during a dumbbell curl, you want to exhale as you work against gravity moving the weight toward your shoulder. Then you’ll inhale as you slowly lower the weight to it’s starting position.

By breathing properly you’re helping oxygen get to your muscles.

Mistake 5: Dropping Weights

We have all seen people at the gym lift very heavy weights and then throw the dumbbells on the ground.

They think they’re so cool and mighty because they can throw the weight on the ground.

In addition to being loud and annoying, doing this can cause injury.

By just blindly throwing the dumbbell down it could bounce or roll and hurt someone nearby.

After finishing the routine slowly lower the dumbbells to the ground while maintaining complete control.


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