How to Get In Shape Without Leaving Home

Get in Shape without Leaving Home

Being able to get in shape without leaving home has never been easier. Whether you’re tired of the gym environment or new to fitness we really have no excuses.

What are the best ways to workout at home? There is a variety of tools, exercises, and apps that can help you feel the burn at home. It doesn’t matter how much space you have to work with; all it takes it a little creativity.

Using Your Space

We’re all crazy busy and it’s getting harder and harder to go to the gym every day. People want to stay fit but life continues to get in the way.

This is the benefit of being able to get in shape without leaving home! It provides the flexibility we all need in our lives.

Don’t feel like you need to spend a lot of money to make a home gym. No matter your budget it’s possible to design a home workout perfect for you.

One of the first steps in beginning your home fitness is to find the right space.

Depending on your home and how many people live with you it might be challenging to find the space.

It’s important that you try to find a space though. A space that you know is 100% dedicated to you and your fitness is key to success.

Having a spot dedicated to your fitness routine will help you enter the right mindset when beginning.

Avoid Distractions and Temptations

There are plenty of distractions at home that will demand your attention and cause you to lose focus. Between family, roommates, phones, and the fridge you can quickly give up on your routine.

An easy way to temper these distractions is to have your home workout in the morning.

Before the craziness of the day kicks in, take time for your fitness. You’ll be more likely to follow through if you follow this advice and begin in the morning.

Depending on the weather you can also take advantage of routines outside.

Being flexible and rotating between exercise indoors and outdoors will keep things fresh.

If there are other people in your home it may be hard to not get in each other’s way.

You obviously don’t want to cause conflict and want to respect others living with you.

Maybe, try inviting your roommate(s) to join you in your workout!

A struggle for some people working out at home is finding the necessary motivation; so get your roommate sweating with you.

This way you can keep each other accountable, get in shape without leaving home, and you won’t feel bad for taking up space.

Here’s a video of Noelle Benepe showing us a solid workout routine for outdoors.


Tools and Equipment

1) Yoga Mat
Now that you have your dedicated workout space it’s time to get the necessary tools. It’s true; you don’t need any expensive equipment to have a killer in-home workout routine.

One of the cheapest and best tools is a yoga mat. You may not be a fan of yoga, but these mats have a variety of uses. Depending on your flooring situation a yoga mat might be the only way to perform some routines.

Yoga mats provide the necessary padding to protect your floors and provide a soft spot for sitting during different exercises.

2) Resistance Bands
If you’re trying to build muscle make sure to get a set of resistance bands. Resistance bands are great for a variety of reasons. They can be inexpensive and easily stored in your home.

Resistance bands can be used to work your arms, chest, glutes, and shoulders. It helps give you that full body workout you’ve been desiring.

You’ll quickly feel the burn when using resistance bands.

3) Jump Rope
To turn fitness into a lifelong passion it’s important to keep it fun! What’s more fun than breaking out the classic jump ropeWe all have fond memories of using jump ropes during recess with our friends.

Who knew a simple jump rope could be used to give you that dream physique. If the weather isn’t right for a run; using a jump rope will help get your heart pumping for cardio.

A jump rope works a variety of muscles and can make for a good change of pace. Jumping rope will also improve your coordination and timing.

Try including music while you jump to help keep your timing and rhythm.

4) Dumbbells
Depending on your space free weights (dumbbells) will really help with muscle growth.

Find the appropriate weight and try to include them in as many exercises as possible.

Learn more about Dumbbells: Forgotten Gym Equipment Guaranteed to Improve Results

5) Your Body
If you don’t have access to any equipment and just need something simple I’ve got good news for you. You’ve already got access to the most helpful tool invented…your body!

Your body is actually a great workout tool. By simply using your own body weight, gravity, and explosive movements you’ll get a killer physique. Relying on your body weight can provide a full body workout and help burn fat all while you get in shape without leaving home.

Check out Runner’s World post on The Best Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do at Home to get started using your own body weight as a tool.

Getting Started

1) Warm Up
Before beginning any routine you’ll need to get your heart rate up with some cardio.

Getting your blood pumping is key to any workout whether you’re at home or the gym. You can put that new jump rope to use, go up and down stairs, or if it’s nice enough go for a run outside.

2) Finding a Routine that Works
It can be easy to figure out a routine while at the gym. You can go to the different machines or simply watch how others are working out. This is a luxury you won’t necessarily get when working out at home.

Thankfully with technology, you can find a variety of routines for any skill level or goal.

All you’ll need is an Internet connection and you can stream what you’re looking for.

A good place to start would be Youtube. Many fitness pros will put their routines on Youtube for you to follow.

There are specific exercise routines using jump ropes, resistance bands, free weights, and yoga balls.

The folks over at Fitness Blender have an amazing list of free exercise videos that will get you started! You can search for exercise routines by endurance level, male or female trainer, body focus, training type and equipment (or none).

For your convenience, here is a jump rope routine from Fitness Blender.



Having a video to follow can help compensate for your lack of having a fitness partner and can show you the proper form needed for any giving exercise.

3) Stay Motivated
I’ve found that giving yourself a reward is a good motivator. Something that you only give yourself after you exercise. Maybe a smoothie, what your favorite show on Netflix. But, DO NOT give yourself the reward until you’ve finished your exercise routine.

Perhaps while watching TV, Netflix, or Hulu anytime a commercial comes on get up and do a couple exercises. You’ll be surprised how much exercise you get working out during commercials.

Even your everyday chores can become a home workout routine! Whether you’re vacuuming, dusting, taking out the trash, or doing the dishes. Try to incorporate different stretches and exercises into your daily chores.

Closing Thoughts

Begin able to get in shape without leaving home is a great alternative to going to the gym. And your home workout doesn’t have to be complicated or use expensive equipment.

And if you’re new to fitness or simply too tired to do a full routine try a commercial break routine.

Your home might become your new favorite workout spot.

Stop coming up with excuses and get to work!

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