Dumbbells: Forgotten Gym Equipment Guaranteed to Improve Results

Forgotten Gym Equipment Guaranteed to Improve Results

Gym equipment will look enticing, but don’t get distracted by their fanciness. One of the most important pieces of forgotten gym equipment guaranteed to improve results is the lowly rack of dumbbells. They’re typically stacked close to the back wall near the workout benches.

How can dumbbells help improve my fitness? There are countless advantages to incorporating dumbbells into your workout routine. Dumbbells are easy to use, safe, work different muscle groups, and provide a well-rounded workout. To achieve your fitness goal this year make sure to take advantage of these neglected weights and build muscle with dumbbells.

What are Dumbbells?

It doesn’t matter what your fitness goals are; a dumbbell can be a vital tool in achieving that goal. If you’re a new gym member make sure to familiarize yourself with dumbbells.

What are dumbbells? Dumbbells are smaller weights that look like the end of a barbell. They can be held in each hand.

It might be intimidating to walk up to the rack of dumbbells to select a weight. You don’t want to select one that is too light or too heavy.

How do you find the right weight to start with? The goal in fitness is to feel the burn.

To get your muscles straining and stretching.

Find a lighter weight and try it out on a few exercises. This is typically the best process to select the proper weight.

If you aren’t feeling the burn after a few sets you’ll know you need to get a heavier weight. It’s all about challenging your muscles.

It might take a few tries to find that sweet spot. In a few sessions, you’ll master that weight and be ready to lift even more.

Dumbbells are great for beginners because of their ease of use.

There isn’t a complicated manual to operate a dumbbell. Also, done properly a dumbbell can severely limit your exposure to injury.

Being able to simply drop a dumbbell because it’s too heavy is a great advantage over a barbell and bench.

If you’re wanting to build a home gym dumbbells are an inexpensive tool to incorporate. Plus, they take up very little space in your home.

How to Lift Dumbbells

How to Lift Dumbbells

Even though it is safer to use dumbbells over certain machines there is still a proper technique for using them. So, how do you lift dumbbells?

The golden rule in lifting any weights is to lift with your legs. And it’s the same with dumbbells.

No matter the weight of the dumbbell you don’t want to risk serious back injury. Lifting with your legs will greatly limit your exposure to complications.

Every exercise is different so it’s best to know the proper technique to avoid injury.

Watch this short video of Joanna Soh performing dumbbell exercises you can mimic the next time you visit the gym.


Burn that Fat

The number one reason people get a gym membership is simple…lose weight.

We all want to look trim and fit. The problem is the way most people go about achieving this goal.

It’s tempting to immediately get on a treadmill, work up a sweat, and go home. You feel accomplished and think the pounds will begin to drop.

The problem is fat and weight won’t begin disappearing this way.

What is missing is the weight training that needs to be included with cardio.

Not to get too scientific but the more muscle you build the more calories your body will burn. Gaining muscle will help create that trim look you’re desiring.

A pound of muscle can burn more calories than a pound of fat.

Creating lean muscle is the secret sauce.

Building muscle will also help you lose weight without you even trying. That’s right; once you leave the gym your body doesn’t stop working.

After a hard workout, your body will burn more calories trying to build muscle. Your body continues to work compensating for exercise you just finished.

This results in more fat being burned!

It’s best to create a mixture of weight training with cardio. This is the most effective way to burn fat.

Greatest Advantages Using Dumbbells

Greatest Advantages Using Dumbbells

Dumbbells allow for a lot of exercise creativity.

There are ways to incorporate dumbbells into an ab routine, glute, arms, core, and even leg. Dumbbells versatility make them ideal.

Dumbbells also allow for greater movement. Machines are very restrictive in what you can accomplish on them.

Different motions increase your ability to build muscle.

Continuing to solely use machines will cause your muscles to get lazy.

They’ll get used to the same motion over and over. It’s important to keep your muscles off guard.

Surprise your muscles with different movements and exercises.

When using dumbbells you’re engaging a wide variety of muscles.

While your initial goal might be your chest, simply using dumbbells will cause other muscles to be activated. Such as your core and biceps.

Your body is trying to compensate for all the movement.

Unless you’re ambidextrous most people have a dominant arm. When using machines your dominant arm will often compensate for the weaker muscle.

In order to have a complete workout, every muscle needs to be worked individually.

Dumbbells will quickly point out weaker muscles.

They can also be used to begin a routine. You can incorporate lighter dumbbells into your stretching before a run.

The extra weight of the dumbbell will get your heart rate up even faster.

A lesser-known benefit is their ability to increase bone strength. It’s not only improving your muscle but your bones.

Stronger muscles and bones will lead to greater balance.

Since you’re using so much of your core during your dumbbell workout you’ll see an increase in your balance.

Build Muscle with Dumbbells


Build Muscle with Dumbbells

Now that you’ve decided to incorporate dumbbells into your routine what’s next?

It’s important to find the right mixture of exercises that help you achieve your fitness goals.

Dumbbells are very versatile and can be used with a variety of exercises.

It’s best to have individual days focused on different muscle groups. This helps give your muscles recovery time to maximize your fitness routine.

When working your upper body common dumbbell exercises include curls, flyes, and bench presses.

Your core is thankfully already getting a workout with all of these exercises. If you’d like to work your core, even more, try holding a dumbbell while doing crunches.

Lastly, is your lower body and glutes.

Try focusing on deadlifts, squats, and lunges to build that lower body definition.

If you find other routines and exercises that you prefer that is fantastic. Working out is supposed to be fun and enjoyable.

Have fun and get lifting!

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