A Deck of Cards is all you need to Get Shredded

Deck of Cards Workout

Think you’re running out of space to exercise? You’re not alone. It seems like people’s home are getting smaller every day. Whether it’s a small downtown apartment or a minimalist tiny home. A huge disadvantage to these conditions is not having an area for fitness. Thankfully if you’re willing to get creative all you’ll need is a deck of cards to get shredded.

Deck of Cards

We aren’t telling you to play Go Fish or Poker.

There are a few different ways to use a deck of cards for exercise.

Push-up Challenge

The first is called the push-up challenge!

  1. Take a regular deck of cards and place it face down in front of you.
  2. Draw a card from the top.
  3. Perform the number of push-ups based on the number on the card. If you draw a 6; then do 6 push-ups.
  4. For all face cards and aces do 10 push-ups.
  5. The goal is to work your way through the whole deck without stopping.

It’s going to be difficult to work your way through the whole deck but stick to it. You’ll be shocked at how many push-ups you actually do.


Full Body Workout

If you’d rather get a full body workout, try this bodyweight routine.

It might appear simple at first but you’ll quickly feel the burn.

  1. Assign one exercise to each suit.
  2. For example; Hearts: Squats, Diamonds: Push-Ups, Spades: Jumping Jacks, Clubs: Sit-ups
  3. Just like the push-up challenge place the deck in front of you and draw a card.
  4. Do the corresponding exercise and number of reps depending on the card drawn.
  5. If you drew a 9 of Hearts; then do 9 squats.
  6. Try assigning different exercises to the suits. This will keep it fresh and fun.

You’ll absolutely feel the burn after completing this routine.

It’s so fun knowing what you can accomplish with so little!


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