6 of the Most Physically Demanding Jobs

Physically Demanding Jobs

Do you have one of the most physically demanding jobs? If you are a medical professional, firefighter, or dancer then you are among some of the most physically demanding jobs. A lot of people find the most joy in their job when they’re staying active. They aren’t easy jobs and can often be very dangerous. It takes a special individual to get up every day for these professions. We salute you!

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” -Steve Jobs

These are some of the most physically demanding jobs in the country (in no particular order).

#1 Medical Professional

This first job might not be what you expected but being in the medical field can be very physically demanding.

A medical profession could be a paramedic, nurse (OR, ER, or Floor Nurse), a surgeon, and even an anesthesiologist.

These professions require a person to work long hours on their feet. Typically these professionals are moving very quickly from patient to patient.

In addition to the physical toll these professions can have on an individual there is the mental strain.

Having to constantly deal with life and death situations requires nerves of steel and quick problem-solving.

Dealing with heavy equipment and tools also adds to the physically demanding nature of these jobs.

#2 Firefighter

A firefighter has to stay constantly prepared for any situation or emergency.

Being a firefighter requires great strength, endurance, and unbelievable bravery.

While wearing heavy equipment; firefighters have to go up and down stairs, climb ladders, and run.

Not only are these brave men and women doing all these physically demanding activities but they are doing so while surrounded by fire and danger.


#3 Construction

There are a variety of positions within the construction field. It doesn’t matter though because it is all very physically demanding.

Construction professionals spend most the day on their feet in a variety of weather conditions.

While enduring various elements they often have to lift, carry, and maneuver very heavy materials.

They’re absolutely getting full body workouts on the job.

#4 Military Professional

In order to even be in the military, a person needs to be incredibly fit.

Every branch of the military constantly holds a variety of fitness tests and drills.

You have to be able to swim, climb, run, and lift heavy materials.

Military professionals have some of the highest endurance. They don’t wear down easily and are built to go all day.

#5 Fitness Trainer

I’m required to include this profession even though it’s very obvious.

Their entire profession is built around them being fit and physically active.

In order to coach people in fitness, a person needs to be fit.

#6 Dancer

What might seem like a leisurely activity to some, in reality, is incredibly difficult.

To be an elite dancer requires great stamina and strength. To function in this career field takes years of dedication.

They not only have to perform various moves and lifts but they need to be incredibly balanced. To have great balance means being very toned and fit.

If we missed your profession please let us know! You should feel great pride in your profession.


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